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Do you play contact sports? If so, you have a higher risk of dental trauma. Mouth guards can protect your teeth, but the ones from the store can be bulky and uncomfortable. That’s why our Holland, MI, dentist creates custom mouth guards for athletes.

A custom mouth guard allows you to breathe and speak with ease so you can focus on the game. Wearing a custom sports mouth guard is one of the best ways you can avoid needing emergency dental care.

How Does a Sports Mouth Guard Work?

A mouth guard is an oral appliance you wear over your upper teeth while you play contact sports. The mouth guard forms a protective layer between your teeth and an outside force. That way, you won’t knock out a tooth if you’re tackled on the football field or punched in the boxing ring.

We create custom mouth guards that are able to withstand concentrated force and tearing.

Which Sports Use Mouth Guards?

We recommend wearing a mouth guard if you play a contact sport such as football, boxing, or hockey. Yet, you can also wear a mouth guard if you play other sports that may increase your risk for dental trauma.

For example, many gymnasts opt to wear a mouth guard while performing acrobatic feats. That way, if they don’t stick their landing, they won’t have to worry about accidentally knocking out a tooth against the mat.

If you’re unsure whether your chosen sport carries a risk of dental trauma, ask our emergency dentist if a sports mouth guard is right for you.

Different Types of Sports Mouth Guards

Not all mouth guards are created equal. There are three different types of sports mouth guardsyou can purchase:

  • Stock mouth guards
  • Boil-and-bite mouth guards
  • Custom mouth guards

1. Stock Mouth Guards

Stock mouth guards are “one size fits all.” You can buy these at most big box or sporting goods stores.

These are least expensive but also offer the least protection. Many athletes find stock mouth guards uncomfortable and complain about them fitting loose or being bulky. These mouth guards can make it difficult for you to breathe or talk.

2. Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guards

These mouth guards are only slightly better than stock mouth guards. Manufacturers make boil-and-bite mouth guards from thermoplastic material. You soften them in boiling water and then bite into them so they mould to your teeth.

While a boil-and-bite mouth guard may fit better than a stock one, it still isn’t very durable. It also can’t compare with the comfort and fit of a custom mouth guard.

3. Custom Mouth Guards

Custom mouth guards are durable yet comfortable to wear. During your appointment, our dentist will take impressions of your teeth to send to the lab. When you return for your second appointment, your custom mouth guard will be ready. Our dentist will check the fit of your mouth guard to make sure it’s comfortable.

Custom mouth guards are also the best option for athletes with braces or other fixed oral appliances. Our dentist can create both upper and lower mouth guards to prevent injury from broken wires and brackets.

Get Your Custom Mouth Guard

The cost to restore a damaged tooth far exceeds the cost of a custom mouth guard. Our Holland, MI, dentist can make a sports mouth guard that fits the unique shape of your upper teeth.

Let our dental team focus on protecting your teeth so you can focus on the game. Call RediDental Emergency Dental Care today at (616) 796-3200, or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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